Collection: Discraft Z Line Plastics

Discraft Z plastic is a translucent premium plastic with exceptional durability.  This durability allows the disc to maintain a consistent flight pattern even after significant use.

The Z plastic is used to form a whole line up of variations, which includes:

Big Z
This blend is nearly opaque, with a pearlescent shine and improved grip.  Expect to see Big Z discs rocking special large artwork stamps.

Z Glo
This glow-in-the-dark plastic brings the same great durability, with the ability to light up the night.  Many consider Z Glo to be the most overstable plastic type that Discraft produces.

This formula has a softer feel, gummier texture, and provides less ground play at the end of flight.  This extra flexibility is especially great in cold weather.

Z Swirl
A Semi-translucent blend of colors, producing a unique look to each disc.

With a crystal clear look and a slightly tacky grip, this unique blend is always a favorite.