Collection: Gateway Diamond Plastic

The Diamond blend is made from a high grade TPU (Thermo-Plastic-Urethane). These blends create the best durability and grip on the surface of any disc on the market. Runs are clear, translucent or opaque and are more over stable than Sure Grip or Platinum.

Formula variations are used to produce the following derivative types:

Hyper Diamond (HD)
Hyper Diamond has a pearlescent sheen.  This blend creates a slimmer profile offering a more overstable flight path.

Diamond Superglow
The Superglow blends are made using the element Strontium which produces the longest lasting brightest glow on the market.

Diamond Metal Flake
Tiny metallic specs are added to this blend to produce sparkles throughout the disc.

Diamond Glow Metal Flake
A combination of Superglow and Metal Flake, these discs shine day or night.