Collection: Gateway Sure Grip Plastic

Gateway's Sure Grip is a versatile material available in a broad range of flexibilities and surface textures.

Sure Grip plastic is available in the following flexibilities:

Firm (F)
The firm putt & approach discs have a firm rim with a slight flex in the flight plate.

Sure Grip (S)
This blend is designed for mid ranges and drivers, with a firm rim and reasonable flex in the flight plate.

Super Soft (SS)
The 2S putt & approach discs are slightly stiff in the rim and pliable in the flight plate.

Super Stupid Soft (SSS)
The 3S putt & approach discs are flexible in both the rim and flight plate.

Super Stupid Silly Soft (SSSS)
4S putters are just about as flexible as a disc can be made and still hold its shape.

Various formulas are used to produce the following texture variations:

Eraser (ER)
The Eraser blend is a special mix of polymers that creates an “Eraser-like” grip on the surface of the disc.

Lunar (L)
Lunar plastic blend adds grippy, black rubber into the Sure Grip plastic blend for a great combination of softness, grip, and comfort for your putting needs.

Money ($)
The money blend of putt and approach discs are marked with a $ and can range from 2S to 4S. This blend looks shiny on the surface and become very gummy with use. The $ blend is great for wet conditions.

Pure White (PW)
The Pure White blends are created by using a talc filled polypropylene which reduces shrinkage to produce a flatter, lower profile driving putter. This blend is firm on the rim for durability and grippy on the surface.

Superglow (GLO)
The Superglow blends are made using the element strontium which produces the longest lasting brightest glow on the market.

Special Blend (SB)
Sample materials that can be either entirely new components or additives to existing blends.

Light weight variations of Sure Grip (S) are designated as:


Under 144g