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Dynamic Discs 5 Disc Starter Set

Dynamic Discs 5 Disc Starter Set

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This set in Dynamic's affordable Prime plastic provides a variety of disc styles, allowing you to quickly find out what's most comfortable in your hand.  These discs are near max weight, and better suited for adults or older kids.

From Dynamic Discs:
The Dynamic Discs Animated Disc Golf Starter Set was created for people brand new to disc golf. Take this starter set with you to your local disc golf course, and you can start playing right away with 5 of the most popular discs from Dynamic Discs! With two distance drivers, a fairway driver, a midrange, and a putter, you are sure to find a disc that flies great for you!

Discs included:

  • The Captain is a great introduction to distance drivers for newer players and a predictable understable disc for more experienced players. With surprising speed and controllable turn, the Captain can help players add distance over discs with similar rim sizes.
    Speed: 13, Glide: 5, Turn: -2, Fade: 2
  • The Sergeant is an excellent hybrid-style distance driver. It's perfect for those shots that a fairway just won't reach but you don't want to power down on a distance driver. The Sergeant forms a bridge between fairway drivers and distance drivers with a comfortable rim for both backhands and forehands.
    Speed: 11, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 2.5
  • The Vandal is extremely versatile. Newer players will love the straighter lines they can throw, and players with more arm speed will enjoy it for easy turnovers or rollers. The Vandal is built to carve up any course with dependable turn and sneaky speed.
    Speed: 9, Glide: 5, Turn: -1.5, Fade: 2
  • The Bounty brings a different feel to the Dynamic Discs midrange lineup. With a shallow rim and bead, the Bounty is a slightly understable midrange. At shorter distances and slower speeds, the Bounty will fly very straight with good glide and minimal fade. When thrown with more speed, the Bounty will slowly move to the right without burning into the ground.
    Speed: 4, Glide: 5, Turn: -1.5, Fade: 0.5
  • The Warden, Dynamic Discs' beadless putter. With an extremely smooth release and neutral flight, the Warden will come out of your hand easily and fly dead straight to the chains.
    Speed: 2, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 0.5
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