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Latitude 64° SPZ Starter Set

Latitude 64° SPZ Starter Set

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The Superhero Pirate Zombie (SPZ) set is a great choice for younger throwers looking to get started. Disc weights vary from 140-150g.  Adults may prefer slightly heavier discs.

From Latitude 64°:
This Disc Golf Set from Latitude 64° has everything you need for starting your Disc Golf adventures! In this box you will find a Superhero driver, a Pirate midrange and a Zombie putter. All three have been selected to give you the perfect tools to dominate the course!

Discs included:

  • The Superhero driver will save your day on the tee pad. It is designed to give maximum distance for players new to the sport.
    Speed: 9, Glide: 6, Turn: -2, Fade: 2.
  • The Pirate midrange is all about control and getting close to the target. This perfectly balanced disc will sail smoothly to the basket.
    Speed: 5, Glide: 6, Turn: -2, Fade: 0.
  • The Zombie putter is slow but extremely effective from close distance. It's natural instinct is to go straight for the target.
    Speed: 3, Glide: 3, Turn: -2, Fade: 1.
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